Competitive Analysis



Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the healthcare market has undergone great changes. New players and new technologies have invaded the market and disrupted the industry. The goal of our research was to discover the value that newcomers are bringing to the market.


Due to legal regulations, security issues, and personal know-how, our customers (agents and brokers) were reluctant to reveal their needs or intentions. Instead of interviewing people, we went online and gathered a wealth of customer reviews and analytics data.


We started with a landscape and defined industry forces, trends, and opportunities. We researched competitors’ applications and online reviews. We sifted through internal reviews online and evaluated how the company works from the inside. Based on that, we built customer profiles, defined value propositions, and outlined business models.



My Role

  • Stakeholders interviews

  • Data mining and online research

  • Customer surveys

  • Presentation

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