Health Plans On The Go

Online Application


Online access for individual and group consumers to search, compare, and purchase healthcare plans on desktop, tablet, and even mobile devices.



Healthcare information is needlessly, and sometimes deliberately, complex. It often requires a person, agent or broker who can help consumers sift through information, understand regulations, and, finally, purchase a plan. We attempted to substitute that person with online recommendations and assistance tools. Moreover, we wanted the solution to fit tablet and mobile screens.


We started with the research stage. What information about a health plan matters for a customer? How do they understand industry terms? What are they expecting? We listed the most important criteria, outlined online questionnaires and assistance tools, and developed advanced filtering. At the end, we designed a front-end experience. We developed and tested interaction patterns, implemented progressive disclosure, and applied on-the-fly customization. During the development process, we conducted several contextual inquiries with different user groups.



My Role

  • Responsice and mobile application concept

  • User validation and user testing

  • Wireframes and prototypes

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