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Word & Brown General Agency offers exclusive services and expertise to brokers. The website provides users with a quoting engine, carrier forms, compliance resources, and health reform updates. Our goal was to increase conversion, restructure broad website resources, and bring the overall experience up-to-date.

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Users in a traditional industry such as healthcare brokerage are unwilling to step out of their comfort zones. We went a long way in building a fully functional HTML prototype instead of traditional wireframes to communicate our ideas to users and get final approval from stakeholders.


For the three major types of users, we outlined user journeys and built separate workflows. Post implementation required a new content strategy and an entire content reassessment. Finally, we came up with a contemporary interaction model which included long scrolling, responsive design, progressive disclosure, and advanced accessibility.


My Role

  • Mobile strategy

  • Wireframes and prototypes

  • User testing and analytics

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