A microsite to capture employer leads

CalChoice helps small businesses in California offer health insurance to their employees. generates direct employer leads for health insurance brokers. In addition, the webiste educates prospects on what CalChoice has to offer their business.


Reach out 3500,000 potential customers a month.

Each month between Search, Social, and Web there are over 250,000 potential CalChoice customers. CalChoice does not currently have a digital outlet to reach this audience.


We found two major customer groups. One group gravitates towards online and automated services; wants having it fast and effortless. Another group looks for traditional solutions, reliable services, and trustful advisors.


Data source: Customer Surveys, Online Reviews, Pubications and Reports, Call Center Reps Interviews, Broker Interviews

User Needs

We found that two user groups demonstrate different demands. We compiled the list of the user needs based on online surveys and card sorting exercise. Our in-home observations were closely aligned with online data sources.

The data below demonstrates how many participants marked certain criteria as highly important:

The final set of user needs looks as following:

Startup leads and CEOs

— Savings
— More choices
— Save time and effort
— Recommedation technology
— Convenience of use
— Customer support

CFOs and HR Leads

— Savings
— More choices
— Personal approach ("Talk to the real person")
— Trust and reliability
— Get rid of administrative hassle
— Industry knowledge


Based on research data, we recommended building two microsites targeting different user groups and serving different customer demands.

Private Exchange Website

Review CalChoice offerings

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Broker Search

Access to the broker directory

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Design and Delivery

Due to budget and time constraints, two microsite were combined into one. Visual design was delivered by the third-party agency based on wireframes we provided. Marketing Department created and finalized the content.

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Post Launch

Feedback from brokers

After the launch the site received overwhelmingly positive feedback from brokers:

  • “CaliforniaChoice never ceases to amaze me”

  • “They always stays ahead of the game”

  • “An employer driven campaign is a great idea”


Short time after launch, the Home Page demonstrated the significant customer drop-off. On the other hand, conversion on the Find a Broker Page was close to 75%.

Mouseflow Heatmaps

Additional data from Mouseflow suggested that part of the users demonstrate significant interest to the health insurance providers while the other users were looking for a broker.



User testing revealed two distinctive user behaviors. Users from the first group were looking for the information about the products and offerings, the other users went straight to the broker directory.

User Journey

How can we attract more customers?

Answering the question, we compiled the data obtained during the initial research and our post-launch observations. We mapped out two major user paths and found that users tend to change their preferences and migrate from one user group to another. The User Journey below depicts major customer decision points for the startup owners and young CEOs.

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My Role

  • Customer research and online data mining

  • Personas creation

  • Wireframes and prototypes

  • Post-launch research and analysis

  • User journey

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