Wait Staff Reviews




Design the solution for the restaurant customers to rate and review front-of-house staff. Create the solution for the wait staff to use this information for career development and service improvements.

Initial Research

Prospective Users

  • Servers - restaurant front-of-house staff

  • Diners - restaurant customers who rate and review

  • Employers - restaurant owners/management


How do Diners provide their feedback on restaurant services?

We found the following observations important:

  • Significant amount of Diners (out of survey) want to rate the Wait Staff separately from the restaurant.

  • Some Diners consider tips as the way of giving a feedback to Wait Staff. Others believe that amount of tips shows the customer generosity rather than a message to the Wait Staff. Wait Staff shares this opinion.

  • Diners want to rate different sides of experience: service, food, noise, decor, etc. "What if the service was awesome but the food was not, or vise versa?"

Source: customer surveys, online reviews and articles


  • Consumer Review Platforms (Yelp, Zagat, TripAdvisor, Google Places)

  • Restaurant’s Websites

  • Restaurant POS

  • Restaurant Payment Applications (OpenTable, Dash, Velocity)

  • Social Media


Grate App

Allows user to find a restaurant, add the person who served you recently, and provide a feedback.

About Grate App

The App was launched about a year ago and it is still empty. Diners are not willing to fill out the information themselves. So do Restaurants or Servers.


Diners review the service outside of the restaurant, as a result, users do not remember details (Server name) or do not feel a strong desire to provide any feedback.

How to encourage the customer to make a feedback inside the restaurant, right there experience is happening?


How to connect Diners with Servers in the digital space but make it seamless and unobtrusive way?

Rate While Pay


Payment applications (OpenTable, Dash, etc.) or contemporary POS systems (Square) allow to link Server to the transaction. That is the best time and place to request customer feedback on the service. Moreover, that would put feedback closer to tipping, another way to demonstrate customer satisfaction.

The Flow

The feedback is optional. At any moment customer is free to pay and leave.

Rate While Pay

Check and tips

Rate or skip

Comment or skip

Make a payment

Follow Up

Thank you email

Another touchpoint that extends experience out of the restaurant space and provides the opportunity to connect in social media space. Contains the thank you message, the last transaction or check details, the direct link to the restaurant social media account.

Limitations: for registered users only.

Simple Rating

Two ways to simplify rating experience and make it almost seamless and distinguished from traditional 5 stars.

Payment flow

Overall restaurant review

My Role

The project was initiated as an CX exercise and extended into the customer validation stage.

  • Initial idea and concept refinements

  • Prototype development and visual treatment

  • Customer research and customer validation

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