Mobile Quoting App

Making health insurance quote easy and enjoyable.

WBQuote is most popular and accurate health insurance quoting platform for brokers in South California. WBQuote makes comparison-shopping easy with built-in safeguards to prevent errors and a plan offer for every employee. Though WBQuote offers a long and comprehensive quoting experience that is not aligned with our present fast-paced lifestyle.


Health industry changes. Millennials become a major workforce in our population. We are accustomed to the services on the go and expect an immediate results. Healthcare is not an exception. How can we simplify the complex and confusing process of employee benefits quoting and make it an enjoyable experience? That is how Rockstar Quote project was conceived.

Our customers are looking for savings, accurate comparison, more healthcare choice. Plus, they want that right away. We were challenged to create an experience that would align technology with current customer habits.

We encourage brokers to leave their offices and reach out to the client in their natural environments, in cafes, restaurants, during lunch breaks, on the brief meetings. We created a tool that works on smartphones and offers a seamless experience that can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.

What we built

One screen one task

Expose complex health and census information in a simple way. Let the user to concentrate on the task and keep them aware where they are.

Manage employees

Choose carrier

Select plan

Simple but rich on features

Hide all the secondary information from the view and reveal it on demand.

Add employee

Control features

Add dependent

Handy controls

Make overall experience enjoyable and seamless.

Slide to adjust

Swipe to choose

Personalize insurance quote

Let business owner treat their employees like a family.

My Role

  • Concept and creative solution

  • Prototyping and wireframing

  • Visual design and interactions

  • Customer research and development

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